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Since the 4 PVC extension strips attached to the vertical PVC (won't rot in the presence of moisture) sill work in the cupola ended up being somewhat damaged during the sandblasting process, we'll remove them (they are nailed in), cut new ones and re-apply. Don't want to use regular steel screws for reasons of rust...aluminum screws, perhaps?Combined with the use of PVC for the sill work framing, judicious amounts of caulking as well as the newly-made rubber/aluminum end seals on the sliding window frames themselves, it is hoped that these extension strips will be the "fourth leg of the chair" in helping to keep moisture from coming sideways into the cupola...a prevalent problem in the past on 2824 and what seems to be a problem encountered in most other Wabash cabooses.He also measured and cut quarter-round for the interior of the caboose. Some of the epoxy body filler we used to "level out" and fill in holes around the caboose; this is on the roof.The copper-colored body filler is supposedly better than regular body filler, but when mixed (being epoxy) it sure gets hot...smoke was actually coming from the mixing pail and it is said that if it's mixed wrongly, the contents of the mixing pot can actually catch on fire.As can be seen in previous photos, the body work appears to be completed on the caboose, but we will attempt to discover if more needs to be done; as well as whatever else needs to be finished prior to the exterior paint being applied.Keep in mind that MRM/WRHS volunteers have only 72 hours to complete the painting process once it's started.Both are made to Wabash specs, thanks to Fred Stevens of the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan. We're going to attach an aluminum "heat shield" (probably with an attached backer board) to the side of the coal bunker next to the coal stove, so the MRM can actually use the stove and not heat up the wood on the coal the time to construct all-new sill work surrounding each body side window.

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Three brand-new product ordering forms (indicative of newly-published material) have been developed and uploaded; as far as our publications go, the new Banners and 2015 calendar have been added into the mix, and the descriptions of Banner subjects themselves have been updated.Everything else is done: labels are printed, sleeves are ready and mailing envelopes have been purchased. The price we ask is still TBD because the asking price is dependent on our ability to fit the entire presentation onto a single DVD, or whether we'll need to use two discs.