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03-Jun-2016 23:58

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Polyamory — multiple and simultaneous sexual relationships — means, in practice, a few high value dudes hording all the pussy. Polyamory cheerleaders, like Christopher Ryan, note the shape of our penis heads and go on to weave a happy utopia of free love where all the men and all the women get their rocks off whenever and however they wish, like the bonobos (who, by the way, are territorially squeezed compared to their more prodigiously successful chimp cousins).

But he has to ignore female hypergamous mate choice and male jealousy to concoct this vision of a peaceful hedonist paradise.

I think this second factor probably explains some of poly women’s higher number of partners.

There’s another possible skew: I’m not sure how people decided to identify as poly or monogamous (the question itself asked whether you “prefer polyamory” or “prefer monogamy”).

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But women aren’t going to date lots of men, so all the women will end up dating the same few high-status men and ignore the low-status men.Poly men were more likely than poly women to be single.