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This year, the hotline reported 61 sex trafficking cases in the state as of June 30.Half of the incidents involved a minor, and about 84 percent included a female victim.We must do everything we can to curb trafficking in all its forms, including sex trafficking online.”“If Congress establishes a real tool to ensure that businesses cannot commit crimes online that they could never commit offline, fewer businesses will enter the sex trade, and fewer victims will ever be sold and raped,” Wagner said in her testimony.Yiota Souras, senior vice president for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, said that over the past five years, 88 percent of the center’s reports concerned online sex trafficking.He said roughly 74 percent of the center’s reports came from, a website that offers advertisements for dating, services and jobs, among other resources.The ranking Democrat on the committee, Michael Doyle of Pennsylvania, citing a Senate report, asserted that Backpage’s owners were aware of the sex trafficking taking place, and even encouraged sex-trafficking advertisers to falsify their postings to hide their true intentions.

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The measure also would give victims the right to sue such sites. John Sarbanes, D-Towson, said in a statement that human trafficking inside and beyond the United States “is a scourge on society that preys on our most vulnerable.No matter where you are, don’t forget the Baltimore Valentines Day flowers.Love is in the air at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.A House Energy and Commerce hearing Thursday examined legislation that would close loopholes in federal law that critics fear has allowed pervasive online sex trafficking.

Under current law, the Communications Decency Act does not hold online services liable for content that secondary users publish.

Larry Hogan announced he had repealed a policy on waste management and created an office to spread high-speed internet access throughout the state, including rural areas of the Eastern Shore.