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15-Jan-2016 17:21

This is fourth in a five part series of ‘Istanbul Tips’: Planning a visit, Orienting yourself on arrival, Restaurant & Entertainment Highlights, Settling in for the longer term (this one), and Getting a residence permit.

Here’s a list of some organizations that helped me find a job, apartment, and friends in September 09.

A dues-paying organization that sponsors lectures (free, generally with a cocktail hour after), day trips guided by scholars (60-200 TL, with discounts for members), and academic-focused weekend to week-long trips abroad (650-4000TL), as well as scholarships for students.

Their day trips are fascinating but the lectures can be hit or miss.

Buy-in is 5TL and if you win you take the pot home.

There’s another pub quiz at 8pm on Thursday nights organized by Internations people, but I’ve never been.

Regardless the forum has a lot of insight into the expat experience here, organizes some events, and has an active job board as well.

It wasn’t around when I first got here, but I’ve been to some events subsequently as they’ve had very interesting high-profile speakers (Minister of Finance, the American Ambassador, Minister of EU affairs etc).Mymerhaba people don’t seem to organize events themselves (at least to my knowledge).Free, all ages– Zero has reasonably comprehensive listings of concerts, exhibitions, and other happenings.IWI is very Junior League/Rotary Club-esque – from my limited impression it seems to be mostly trailing spouses (ie, those who came over for their husbands’ jobs and don’t work) and runs lots of charity events.

Dues are around 100 TL a year and they organize events, day trips etc, age group is mostly 30s-50s.

The crowd is generally older professionals (my friend invited me by saying ‘we need more members under 40’; average age is probably 55), with a smattering of grad-school types, generally really interesting people who have been in Turkey for decades and so have wonderful perspective.

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