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15-Dec-2016 13:57

I'd just love to go back to my home.'Mrs Rankin's family have lived in Zimbabwe for five generations after her ancestors settled there in the 1890s. Both speak the local language, Shona, fluently.'Just because you're black doesn't mean you're more Zimbabwean than me,' Mr Rankin said.'It's sickening the racism that Mugabe instilled.'Last February, the High Court ruled that the farm must be restored to the Rankins.

'We've been in our own place for all of our married life and now we have no home.' Since the 'bloodless coup' and exchange of power by the military took place this week, soldiers reportedly chased the thugs off the property, marking the first step on the road to returning it to its rightful owners The Rankins, who are eking out a living selling raspberries, hope and pray that the changing political landscape in Zimbabwe where Mugabe's 37-year rule dramatically ended this week is the first sign that they will get their beloved farm (pictured) back Her husband said: 'My wife doesn't know what it is to move. It's a big thing for her not to have a home, but she's a strong person.'He added: 'Of the two of us, I'm the baby.A dam built by the Rankins had burst, meaning that the irrigation had dried up and tobacco could no longer be grown.The few remaining farmhands were trying to grow maize, but they were struggling without the Rankins' expertise.'There was a good, white farmer here called Rankin,' one of the labourers told Mail Online. We aren't making any money.'The British doctor had not visited the property in more than a year, he added, and 'did not seem to care about the place'.In an exclusive interview with Mail Online at a relative's house in northeastern Zimbabwe, father-of-three Mr Rankin said: 'Mugabe is gone, what a pleasure. The few remaining farmhands were trying to grow maize, but they were struggling without the Rankins' expertise Mrs Rankin added: 'We have been left with nothing.

I don't care what the farm looks like now, I'm prepared to go back and spend years building it up again.I fought off four guys before they handcuffed me and dragged us out barefoot.'They drove me away and were going to do me in, but they couldn't because my friends were following their vehicle. I was so disappointed in people.'Armed police later packed some of the Rankins' property into a truck, drove it to where they were staying and dumped it on the grass in the rain. Two wrongs don't make a right, but there must be accountability.'He added: 'Everybody talks about forgiveness but forgiveness only comes with repentance.