Dating website personal profile examples

02-Oct-2016 19:04

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Why We Love It: This minimalist site does a great job of making everything Chang has done incredibly digestible.When you can communicate all the critical information in less than a minute, you know you’re doing something right!Why We Love It: Kiu does a fantastic job of making her text-heavy writing samples visual and engaging.Plus, the bite-sized sections on her “about me” page make it easy to get to know her.

Plus, the photography she chose to occupy the large image banners on each page adds the perfect character.It’s a perfect hybrid between a traditional resume and an online site.Why We Love It: Ramsdem does a great job of simply summarizing himself above the fold, with his graphic photo/logo and simple tagline.Why We Love It: Being in the finance industry, Felix doesn’t have a ton he can show off on his site.

That’s why it’s perfect that his blog—featuring regularly updated thought leadership in the field—is front and center.Why We Love It: There’s no question about what this guy does.