Dating sites for wrestling fans

29-Jan-2016 05:45

The cats at Exxxotica do a good job at bringing the best talent to the shows, so we appreciate your support, definitely. Marcus - chiva wrote: Hey, My name is Chivareaux and I'm 18 years old. Could you gave me some advice how to break in as a male actor. Greets, Chivareaux ...bring some of those Holland bitchez into the busines asap!!! Thanks again, Candie Dam, I love that you wanna buy some Daddy gear, especially to give your a solider a welcome home gift. If you show an appreciation she'll become comfortable and won't feel shy or embarrassed, she'll feel encouraged to relax and really enjoy herself, especially if she sees you like it. Marcus - Kendra wrote: I'm sure you hear this a lot from your female fans... Thanks for the response and for keeping it real for your fans! I'll leave the freakier stuff to the other guys and concentrate more on the business of sex. If you're going to be bitchy about it then I won't waste my time. I think out of a group of male actors working in adult today you have the most name recognition out in the mainstream outside of porn. Then came the video you released a few years back with the infamous video vixen herself, Ms. On a serious note, feet are underappreciated so any attention given to them should be celebrated by the queens and kings of the world. My Situation Is This, I've Decided To Wait Until I Was Married To Have Sex.

These sites are about gay bodybuilders porn and there are more and more of them to tempt you these days.

I don't know what I expected but you are really down to earth and personable!

My aunt and I asked for a picture in the hallway and you happily participated without the typical hollywood attitude that you get from most celebs. I know it must seem weird as shit, but it's God's honest truth, I swear!

I like to see people happy cause in return they do the same for me, feel me, besides I need your support, cause ya know I do some crazy shit. Marcus, I am seeing a guy who is a bit of a sexual deviant and we're really into each other and have AMAZING sex but I'm not sure I could ever get him to be monogamous. I'm wanting a hat and something similar to what Jenaveve Jolie is wearing in a video she is in with you... Although I am a woman that wants to satisfy my mate to the fullest!! I've met plenty of women who get off on watching a man masturbate. But I couldn't resist telling you how much you stand out to me... Of course, you're the boss, and you know the business better than I. You seem to take offense to a lot of questions thrown at you. Lol) Im also interested in starting up a blog about you as Mr Marcus the entertainer kind of like the yahoo groups back in the day but cleaner and more modern. Give me some ideas of what that page is going to include, maybe I can help in setting it up. Marcus - jessica wrote: I Wld love to have a sexy section wit u n I have only have sex once in my life n I'm 21 so hit bac Ok, send me some pictures so I'll know what you look like. You have had your feet licked and your toes sucked in a number of films you've been in--Oral Consumption 1-5, Rough Sex 1-2, Black Cock Stars 3 (Miko Lee did the honors there). Can't believe there are fan groups out there seeking scenes where my feet are the stars. But to tell you the truth, I like having my feet massaged, washed and sucked.

My books are gonna be back in my stock before Christmas, maybe even by Thanksgiving. And I will definitely have a few for you to buy :) Thanks again for your email, glad to hear you had a good time. What are your thoughts on monogamy seeing as how you are a pornstar and in a relationship? I would greatly appreciate any info you can give me. If I know I am capable of making him shoot through oral, do you think it would be a good idea for me to perform this act on him if I I'm not sure if how serious I want to be with him? Tell her you get off on watching her play with herself. Youre the only male pornstar that turns me on and gets me off. If you can think of specific scenes or movies where your feet have enjoyed this kind of attention, please let me know--I'm a big fan! This is the life you've chose and you gave us, as fans, to ask you questions. I really like the website and Im a huge fan since of your films since the late 90s. Marcus ppl start laughing or smiling because they already know what that name represents they cant even front. What is your opinion on fan tributes dedicated to you the performer. I like to know ahead of time, who I'm gonna have sex with. I was fortunate that I worked with a few girls who didn't mind hooking that up for me and a camera was close by. Marcus, My Name Is Leo (Follow Me On Twitter @Gods Gift IIWomen).Our Client Needs Analysis and subsequent marketing recommendations are based on one of the leading marketing books of all time: “Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind” by Jack Trout and Al Ries.