Backdating investigation

26-Dec-2016 21:00

Vinod looks after the Adani Group’s overseas operations and his son Pranav is a director of Adani Enterprises Limited.Panama Papers India, Part 2: Politician, industrialist, jeweller Corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca’s records, accessed by The Indian Express, show that GA International Inc was incorporated in the Bahamas by Vinod S Adani on January 4, 1994.(One example: In October 2012, the word “environment” disappeared entirely from the section of the Transport Canada website discussing the Navigable Waters Protection Act.) Stories about government data and historical records being deleted, burned—even tossed into Dumpsters—have become so common in recent years that many Canadians may feel inured to them.

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Streelasky had no idea Melville had been rendered a “statistical ghost town” after the mandatory long-form census was cut in 2010, and fewer than 50 per cent of the one third of Melville’s 4,500 residents who got the voluntary National Household Survey that replaced it in 2011 completed the form. We know how many people live there, but nothing about them—where they work, their education levels, whether they’re married, single or divorced, how many are immigrants, how many are unemployed, how many live in poverty.

“We are not collecting a lot of data that used to be routine.” Canada not only lags other governments, but also international business, says Jan Kestle, founder and president of Toronto-based Environics Analytics: “Everyone is moving toward setting up data-governance processes inside companies to collect information and safeguard it,” she says. government-publication digitization efforts, Canada has no such mechanism.

Related reading: A rising tide of anti-intellectual thinking But where digitization has helped other governments and companies make more information available, it is having the opposite effect here. It’s LAC’s mandate to preserve federal government information, but there has not been a comprehensive web crawl since November 2008.

Adani Group documents of 2009 show Rakesh S Shah as director in three group companies — Adani Power (Overseas) Limited (UAE), Adani Global FZE (UAE) and Chemoil Adani PTE Limited (Singapore) — along with Vinod S Adani, and one of the promoter group shareholders in Adani Enterprises Limited.

(Source: Reuters file photo)Months after the formation of the Adani Group’s flagship company Adani Exports Limited — now Adani Enterprises Limited — in 1993, industrialist Gautam Adani’s elder brother Vinod Shantilal Shah Adani set up a company in the Bahamas in January 1994.

Melville’s numbers, then, aren’t factored into Canadian employment numbers or divorce rates or poverty rates.