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Elle a conservé cet attachement à l’internationalisme au cours de sa carrière de pédiatre, passant deux ans en Angola avant de revenir à l’hôpital de La Havane, où elle s’est spécialisée dans les maladies respiratoires.

"Madame Che Guevara" A 57 ans, cette militante communiste n’a donc pas relégué son père au musée, et dispute son image à la consommation de masse qui voudrait l'engloutir et l’annihiler, en tentant de lui redonner du sens.

She describes their great romance and life together from the days when they first met as fellow guerrillas in Cuba's revolutionary war up to the tragic moment when she learned of Che's assassination in Bolivia less than a decade later.

In particular, he has repeatedly appeared as a fictional character in novels, sometimes showing an alarming degree of poetic licence, betraying strong ideological motivations behind the fiction.

This article analyses the ironic relationship between Jean-Paul Sartre's praise of Guevara as someone who has fully embraced the freedom of being and the fictionalization or categorization of Guevara as a novelistic character. Ernesto “El Ché” Guevara “ symbol of the Cuban Revolution and the communist and socialist thought of the XX century, is very well known for his political and guerrilla activities, but very little is known of his facet as a physician.

’ ['cheval', ndlr], un surnom que Fidel n’aimait pas, et lui a dit un gros mot.

The most commercially successful of Guevara's memoirs were 'The Motorcycle Diaries', an account of a road trip through Latin America he took as a medical student aged 23.

Years ago, an equally desperate Anglican clergyman tried to stem dwindling congregations with a poster of Guevara wearing a crown of thorns. From the time of his death until the present, Guevara has been cast in a wide array of historical reconstructions with varying degrees of fictional distance from biographical historicity.